Our WECnologists offer "best of breed" technology to the automotive aftermarket


The Automotive Marketing Foundation was created to introduce modern marketing strategies to a very traditional marketplace. Online marketing is where consumers are reached today. Over 87 percent of people go online to check out a business with which they have not previously done business.

Regardless of the advertising spend, people go to Google, Yelp or Facebook first. Having an online presence actually protects and enhances any money spent on traditional advertising – and does so at a fraction of the cost of that advertising.

The Automotive Marketing Foundation is dedicated to teaching the strategies available to automotive aftermarket businesses today.


The Content & Reputation platform for brands and retailers. Rallio allows manufacturers and suppliers to distribute content to retailers efficiently. Rallio delivers syndicated branding and messaging, reputation management, localized coupons and campaigns and multi-location analytics. 



MobiDitto™ supports thousands of small businesses throughout North America in the latest technologies that deliver business-creating messages to consumer cell phones. Way beyond simple "text marketing", MobiDitto™ establishes a highly-graphical, yet easy to manage tool for business owners wanting to entice a customer with a time-sensitive deal, provide digital coupons complete with barcodes, loyalty programs that track using the customers phone and buy-and-pay now programs with future delivery of the (usually discounted) purchase. MobiDitto™ has named WECnology its exclusive distributor in the automotive aftermarket.