Manage Your On-Line Presence

Consistent Branding, Publish Content, Monitor Posts


AMF SOCIAL is an automated Social Media tool that enhances your position as a part of your local community.

Content Feed

Optional custom daily messages written for you, help position you as a trusted friend and expert. Edit (if you want), publish, monitor and respond in just minutes a day – or do a month’s worth all at once.

Social Visability

AMF SOCIAL helps you to be visible when prospective customers need you the most. People shop for tires and auto service when a specific event triggers the need. Your marketing job is to be top-of-mind at that moment. Subtly, gently, unobtrusively keep your name in front of your audience. Be a knowledgeable, professional, consistent source of help when the time is right.

Social Inbox

AMF SOCIAL allows you to take complete control of your social media activities, requiring only a few minutes per week. Monitor every like, repost and comment on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one-click responses from a single dashboard. Post interesting and relevant copy every day without having to tax your own creativity — unless you want to. Personalize the copy, change the tone or reject it altogether.

Social Management On Your Time

Schedule a whole month of posting in advance or choose posts daily. Grow your brand image and online presence with AMF SOCIAL.

Multi-Location Total Control

For marketing managers who are responsible for multiple locations, AMF SOCIAL allows for total brand consistency, universal changes at a dozen or a thousand locations with only a few keystrokes and 24/7 monitoring of comments made online about any location in your system.

Furthermore, you can determine how much control the local operation has over public communication. After all, it is the corporate brand that is on the line here. Every operation has a different set of circumstances. Franchisors may exert more control while branded buying groups less central control. AMF SOCIAL allows for the full range of requirements.