Reviews Drive Business — AMF REVIEWS Drives Reviews!

On line Reviews

AMF REVIEWS dramatically increases the number of positive reviews for your business. All too often customers will rave about your business, but will simply not take the time (or remember) to express themselves in writing on reference sites such as Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo! Local and the many other places they can speak out. Unhappy customers, unfortunately, DO remember and with greater statistical frequency will “sound off” in ways that diminish your public image online.

AMF REVIEWS is a critical tool in reputation management. Since, generally, businesses please customers more than irritate them –– AMF REVIEWS helps make certain that happy customers are well represented. AMF REVIEWS will not prevent those who are not happy from speaking out, of course, but it will reduce their numbers by letting the business owner know of a problem before an unhappy customer leaves the business. Also, negative reviews are diluted by the preponderance of positive reviews received. More importantly, AMF REVIEWS captures and facilitates the posting of opinions of happy customers at a substantially greater rate than ever before – with virtually no effort or staff time required.



AMF REVIEWS is a simple application that engages your customers at the point of service that helps them post positive comments about your business and staff on Google, Yelp or Facebook from the customers’ own unique IP address before they leave your premises.

As simple as this sounds, it is dramatically powerful in today’s marketplace.

AMF REVIEWS helps you increase customer loyalty in a way that surprisingly few automotive business owners have done. The genius behind AMF Reviews is this:

  • Over 88 percent of people will look you up before they call you up or visit.
  • Advertising no longer drives business in your door, it drives people to your Google page.
  • On average, people to Google 5.9 billion times per day.
  • Over 75 percent of people never look past the first page of Google.
  • Today, for local searches, the first page of Google only lists three businesses.

AMF REVIEWS is your vehicle for making it easy for your loyal customers to rave about you. AMF REVIEWS lets your customers market your business with a process that is simple and immediate – and so foolproof that it requires the cooperation of very few customers to make it work powerfully.

Are you responsible for multiple retail units? The AMF REVIEWS system is designed to monitor every unit every day. If local management does not respond in a timely or appropriate manner, you can take over to cover the situation. And, you can call upon AMF Success Coaches should you want help with an appropriate response.